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Gracie Jane Pets llc

Snuffle Mat For Dogs and Cats 2 Styles

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  • 2 styles of Snuffle Mats: a Rainbow and a Flower
  • Your Furry Friend will love playing with these mats
  • They love looking for food and treats in these mats
  • Hide treats all over in the mat and let your Pet find them
  • Helps your Pet with boredom and helps improve their thinking skills
  • These are great to put out when you need some time to get stuff done to keep them occupied
  • Keep the mind busy for a healthy less stressed Pet
  • All toys are made of high quality, safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly material

WARNING: Always supervise your pet while wearing and playing with any of our items. Don't allow pet to ingest whole item or parts of toys, clothing items, collar sets or pendants. Failure to properly supervise your pet could result in serious injury to your pet. Injury to your pet increases while playing with broken toys, collars, pendants, or clothing items. Always inspect any item before letting your pet play with it. Please discard any item that is worn down or broken items.