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Madi Holistic Healing 925 Silver Pet Pendant

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 Our exclusive Rescue pendants crafted only by Gracie Jane and are not available anywhere else. Each piece is handcrafted individually in 925 silver by a small Artisan business. These are natural stones and have been hand chosen by our Artisan for maximum quality. We were very meticulous when selecting an Artisan, and they had to understand and agree with our holistic goals. Before mailing the pendants, they are smudged with organic sage, then blessed with Reiki for love and healing. Each pendant has 5 healing crystals that have been very carefully chosen for the maximum healing benefit in one Rescue pet pendant, each crystal will be explained below. This design has two separate ways to attach the pendant, one by the bale or add to a key ring and attach to the pet’s collar.  The dimension's: width 1.06” and height 1.86”. Includes cleaning cloth, key ring and our pendant protective pouch. We have designed these, so the back of the pendant is open, this allows the energy from the crystals to flow through to your pet. I have selected the larger stones very conscientiously and put the crystals I wanted to have the most impact into the larger stone/stones. Some animals have inherited anxiety and nervousness from outside factors such as abuse and trauma from the hand of the one they trusted most, a human. Some dogs just have some type of nervousness that is not a result of trauma. These were designed to address both types of nervousness. The good thing about a holistic approach is the crystals do not have to know the reason for the fearfulness and anxiety, they go to work to heal the body and soul of the animal. Some animals accept the healing crystals immediately, others might need to be introduced more slowly. The healing energies of the crystals can be stronger for animals than us humans. An effective way to start would be to lay the pendant by them while sleeping to introduce them in a slower manner. You should be able to read your pet and see if they are moving away from the crystals, if so, you know they need to be introduced slower while others will start soaking up the crystal's healing energy at once. Stress can be very destructive to your pet's health and can lower their body's immune system and cause health issues.

Rose quartz which is the pinkish stone is an extremely important crystal when dealing with stressed and fearful animals. This will also help calm aggression. Most aggression is fear based and arises from fear held inside the animal. Rose Quartz helps dissipate fear and helps the animal to let go of resentment, and hate stored in the heart of an animal. It opens the heart chakra, so the animal is more open to receive love with a softened heart, build confidence, and release pent-up energies.  Chakra: Heart and Throat

Aventurine is the pale green crystal. This stone also addresses nervousness and traumas and brings calmness and confidence to your pet. This stone helps release the fingerprint of past abuse that can be triggered repeatedly and  is a great stone for defensive behavior, especially toward a certain trigger or person (for example, men). These also helps heal emotional scars and boost the pet's confidence. Aventurine also helps with short attention span in animals.  Chakra: Heart

Smokey Quartz is clear and stained gray/brown throughout crystal. This crystal also has a calming effect and helps our pets adapt to change more easily. Smokey Quartz helps ground our pets while also calming. This crystal said to have a sedative effect on animals. Smokey Quartz  known to have a fast effect on relieving animals from shock or traumas, and grounds the animal very quickly. Chakra: Base, Sacral, and Solar Plexus

Jadeite Jade is the dark green crystal. This crystal also helps with stress in animals and helps calm the animal in sudden changes and effectively helps with aggressive animals which are based on fearfulness. Jadeite Jade also helps the animal settle into an unfamiliar environment, such as a new home or while boarded. This stone is good for calming and soothing a pet's mental state, which can cause aggression when untreated. Chakra: Heart

Amethyst is the violet-colored crystal. Amethyst helps create a harmonious and peaceful environment with its calming effect. This great stone to help with separation anxiety. Amethyst also helps with a dominate pet, it is important to know how to establish dominance with your pet also. This stone helps an animal when grieving a loss, they too suffer from grief as we do. Chakra: Brow and Crown

The quartz family of stones are known for protection from the destructive energies of radiation (electromagnetic waves). Electromagnetic waves can come from the devices that we use every day, like microwave ovens, telephones, laptops, even the Wi-Fi. I decided to set Rescue Pet Pendants healing crystals in 925 Silver instead of stainless steel because silver also has healing qualities. Silver helps ground the one wearing it and raises one's energy to helps clear out negativity.  The great thing is we can share our Pawtastic best friend's pendant to help bring healing into our life.  You can put it on a chain and wear it as a pendant just like your Furry friend. 

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 WARNING:  Always supervise your pet while wearing and playing with any of our items.  Don't allow pet to ingest whole item or parts of toys, clothing items, collar sets or pendants.  Failure to properly supervise your pet could result in serious injury to your pet.  Injury to your pet increases while playing with broken toys, collars, pendants, or clothing items.  Always inspect any item before letting your pet play with it.  Please discard any item that is worn down or broken items.