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Gracie Jane Pets llc

Dark Denim Personalized Dog Collar, Bow Tie and Leash Set

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Get ready to dive into the world of Gracie Jane's Dog Collar, Bow Tie and Leash Sets with sophistication and style.  Our bow ties are handmade with love and adds an instant pop of personality for your Pupper Best Friend.  Perfect for every occasion!  

Bow ties don't have to be for a special occasion.  They are perfect for walking around the neighborhood or your favorite pet friendly café.  We offer a lot of variety of patterns and colors.  Get ready to buy a beautiful bow tie set for your favorite Pawtastic Friend.  

An Easy Way to Add Style and Personality to your Pup Perfect wardrobe:  Fun Collar Bow Ties and Leashes are a fun and easy way to make your pet stand out.  If your Doggie isn't used to wearing accessories this is a great way to start.  

Detachable Bow Tie:  Our bow ties have two durable Velcro straps closures, so the collar can be used with or without the bow tie.  The bow ties can be used on any standard dog collar which makes them interchangeable with more than just our collars.   The buckles are quick release and very easy to use.  You can have your pet's name and phone number engraved on the buckle, but this is optional.  If you choose the engraving please fill out the engraving information at check out, or we will assume you want the buckle left blank. 

Durable Fabrics:  We select durable fabrics that are super easy to maintain.  Gracie Jane bow ties are made with high quality Cotton/Nylon Materials that are easy to clean, comfortable and safe for your furry best friend's skin.  They are double stitched and have thick webbing on the back for quality and longevity of the product.  

So Many Choices:  We offer a wide variety of playful patterns and vibrant colors for every pet's personality and occasion.  

Easy Care:  The collars can be machine washed on gentle with a mild soap and laid flat to dry.  The bow ties can be hand washed with a mild soap and laid flat to dry. 

Measuring Pet's Neck:  Please ensure that the collar is a perfect fit for your Pupper, when measuring we advise two fingers width between the collar and the dog's neck.  To achieve the perfect fit, measure your Pawtastic Friend's neck with a fabric measuring tape or a piece of paper then put flat next to a ruler for the measurement.  

 WARNING:  We don't accept returns for sizing due to not properly measuring your pet's neck.  Always supervise your pet while wearing and playing with any of our items.  Don't allow pet to ingest whole item or parts of toys, clothing items, collar sets or pendants.  Failure to properly supervise your pet could result in serious injury to your pet.  Injury to your pet increases while playing with broken toys, collars, pendants, or clothing items.  Always inspect any item before letting your pet play with it.  Please discard any item that is worn down or broken items.