Going Holistic

After 6 Months of research, planning and executing I am so Proud and excited to offer our new holistic line of Sterling Silver pet tags. When I adopted Gracie, she was so timid and ducked every time I brought a certain type of broom out to clean, she would lower to the ground and acted as if she was going to be hit with it. When we would leave the house, she wanted to go so bad with her eyes just waiting for us to tell her she could go with us.  Once in the vehicle she would just stiffen up, pant and shake the whole time. This broke my heart and filled me with sadness.  Yes, she is brave, but how could I help her with these problems without polluting her body w chemicals from anti-depressants for dogs?  This was not an option for me, so I chose to look in a different direction and research alternative methods.  I know it is incredibly stressful for all animals to be brought into a new home and environment but especially stressful for those that have been let down so many times by humans that were supposed to love and protect them. With many friends in the holistic industry, I started reaching out for the best resources to begin my journey. I first had to decide on the best stones to work together to give the most impact in one pendant (stones for animals work differently than they do for us).  After I decided on the stones (and consulted with several holistic teachers and practitioners about my final choice) I had to decide the perfect Artisan that understood my goals of quality and my mission of holistic relief. I finally decided on a small Artisan with the same goals and then my drawings started coming to life. I’ve decided to take Gracie Jane in a whole new Holistic direction. You will see many changes occurring to our website with deleting products and slowly rebuilding in a new direction (don't worry we are keeping our bestselling bow ties).  My goal as a Rescue Mom is to ease the transition of our paw perfect pets into their new homes and further help the ones that need the extra help with sadness, anxiety, and fear to name a few.  I feel this is the best direction for my company, I am excited about this new journey.