Benefits Of Having A Pet

Benefits Of Having A Pet

Studies show having a pet can help with the issues below:

—Can reduce your Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Triglyceride levels 

—Are more likely to get more physical exercise than a non-pet owner

—Helps lower the risk of depression and anxiety

—Reduces the feeling of loneliness

—Increases socialization with other people

There are plenty of animals up for adoption at your local shelters.  These pets are generally vaccinated and fixed before you adopt.  The cost to adopt is a lot cheaper than going to the Vet yourself and having these procedures done.  Animals aren't in the rescue facility because there is something wrong with them.  They are there because someone neglected taking care of them or have to relinquish them due to living situations, owners passing away, or money circumstances of the previous owner (this is no fault of the pets).  It's best to let the facility know what you're looking for in a pet such as temperament, activity levels etc...  This will match you with the best pet for you.  Sometimes people just want to pick the cutest pet that may not match with the adopter's lifestyle.  

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